Brandmeister 994 WAS down – now back up

Note: The branadmeister link is now working properly, but we’ll leave this post here for info anyway.

Our link to Brandmeister 994 off our XLX reflector is playing up. We’re not sure it is on the Brandmeister side, but for some reason our audio going to Brandmeister from XLX isn’t working.

So for now, please access the reflector with one of the other modes… XLX994B, SmartGroup TORC2, YSF 37815, Echolink 592933, or AllStar 52585. If you have a DMR radio and Pi-Star, it is quite easy to use set XLX as the DMR Master by setting XLX Master Enable. See a photo of my Pi-Star config below — and see you on the reflector.

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